Dr. Xoni Ma

Dr. Xoni Ma

Founder and Education Director

BSc (Ecology & Biodiversity, Geography), HKU
PhD (Environmental Education), HKU

Dr. Ma is one of the few local environmental education and ecology researcher, with his research focuses on the utilization of outdoor education for school environmental education, and also terrestrial forest ecology.

As an outdoor environmental educator, Dr. Ma has proposed an“Effective Field-based Environmental Education Model”in his PhD thesis, which the combination of both affective and cognitive teaching and learning approaches being his core principle in outdoor environmental education. In order to push the development of Hong Kong environmental education, he focuses his work in four main aspects, including 1. Mainstreaming EE in formal curriculum, 2. Professional development of EE 3. Strengthening EE research and 4. Enhancing interflow in EE and unite the strength of local EE.

Dr. Ma has involved in the field of EE for many years, with various roles including being part-time and guest lecturer and tutor for tertiary institutes, to coordinate, design and lead different kinds of environmental education programmes, with targets such as kids, students, corporates, elders, teachers, EE practitioners and other public. His vast knowledge and experience, together with his significant effort for pushing the development of environmental education in Hong Kong, Dr. Ma has received awards and recognition for his achievements.

Dr. Ma is also an ISA Certified Arborist. He has participated in many vegetation, trees, forest survey and research. He loves nature and also keen on outdoor sports, visited places such as Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar for sports, wildlife appreciation and education. Dr. Ma is very eager to share his love of nature and views of environmental issues. He has been interviewed by many social media, and he is also an online blogger.

Selected Publications

  1. Ma, K. K. (2019). Proposal for Hong Kong Environmental Education. Hong Kong: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong. Available at: https://bit.ly/2lOp95e
  2. Pang, C.C, Ma, X.K.K, Lo, J.P.L., Hung, T.T.H. & Hau, B.C.H. (2018) Vegetation succession on landslides in Hong Kong: Plant regeneration, survivorship and constraints to restoration, Global Ecology and Conservation, 15 (2018) e00428, DOI: 10.1016/j.gecco.2018.e00428
  3. Pang, C.C, Ma, X.K.K, Hung, T.T.H. & Hau, B.C.H. (2018) Early ecological succession on landslide trails, Hong Kong, China, Écoscience, 25:2, 153-161, DOI: 10.1080/11956860.2018.1431377
  4. Ma, K.K., Hills, P.R. and Hau, B.C.H. (2013) Environmental Education in Hong Kong: The Role of Field-based Environmental Education Programmes - A Case Study. The 19th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, July 2013, pp. 47 - 64 (Publication No. : 230786)

Professional Trainings and Qualifications

2016Expert Certificate - Global Online Course - Environmental Education: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Addressing Wicked Problems - Cornell University
2014Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - The University of Hong Kong
2010Certified Arborist - International Society of Arboriculture


2019Lingnan University Knowledge Transfer (KT) Excellence Award 2019 (Collaborator) - Lingnan University
2017EE 30 Under 30 - North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
2017Honorary Life Member - Ecology & Biodiversity Society, SS, HKUSU
2016Roadshow Ecostar 2016
2015HKU Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award - The University of Hong Kong

Professional Services

2018 - PresentMember, Education Working Group, Environmental Campaign Committee, HKSAR Government
2018 - PresentMember, Endangered Species Advisory Committee, HKSAR Government
2020 - PresentMember, Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Vetting Committee - HKSAR Government, HKSAR Government
2020Reviewer - OPCF Conservation Fund
2019 - 20Consultant for Life-wide Learning, Collaborative Research and Development ("Seed") Projects - Education Bureau, HKSAR Government

Teaching Experiences

2020 - PresentLecturer (Part-time), Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Teaching Course: PGDE5206H Environmental Education
2017 - PresentLecturer (Part-time), Science Unit, Lingnan University - Teaching Courses: CLD9008 Life Sciences: the way life works, CLD9015 Understanding Evolution, CLD9018 Natural History of Hong Kong
2017 - PresentTeacher (Part-time), Advanced Diploma in Tree Management and Conservation, HKUSPACE - Teaching Module: Module 8 Supervised Major Project

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