Professional Ecology Training

Professional Ecology Training

Looking into ecology and biodiversity in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Freshwater Stream Ecology Course

Upper course of freshwater stream

OWLHK organized the first Freshwater Stream Ecology Course in 2020. This course introduces the beauty and importance of freshwater streams in Hong Kong.

Target Participants

Freshwater stream ecology lover, eco-enthusiast yearning for an ecological surveyor and Interpreter career

Key Learning Points

  1. Ecological knowledge of freshwater streams in Hong Kong
  2. Observation and identification technique of Intertidal organisms and their adaptation
  3. Habitats in streams and their conservation

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand the freshwater habitats and organisms
  2. To identify some common freshwater species in Hong Kong
  3. To understand current threats and challenges of freshwater stream conservation

Course Feature

  1. A comprehensive freshwater stream ecology course, investigating different parts of stream including hill, middle and low land stream, through fish and invertebrates.
  2. Small class teaching: each class opens for application within 24 trainees, arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. Student-to-teachers ratio remains 1:6.
  3. Professional tutor: lecturers and field-trip tutors are local graduates of ecology, who are also sophisticated in environmental education research
  4. Outdoor education: the course consists of not less than 12-hours field trip
  5. Featuring Ecology Component: on top of species identification, it introduces the importance of freshwater species ecologically

Time and Format

3 sessions of online lecture, 3 half-day field trip. 18 hours in total.


Participants will receive a certificate of at least 70% attendance