Elder Education

Elder Education

Inheriting wisdom of the aged while admiring the beauty of nature

Intergeneration Eco-Classroom -
Amphibians and Reptiles

Through trainings provided by professional tutors, elderlies and tertiary students were provided a well-rounded and in-depth introduction into the ecology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles. After the holistic training, they were equipped with rich knowledge. They were further empowered to spread the knowledge and conservation message of amphibians and reptiles and made contribution to their conservation directly.

OWLHK Forest Study Camp (Senior)

A 2-day-1-night camp specially designs for elderly. Courses provided for elderly are mostly focused on telling knowledge and facts in the classroom. Different from this approach, elderlies in our summer camp will learn about forest ecology in different areas through various activities (including board game of environmental education themed, scientific observation etc.). At the same time, tutors would also provide professional interpretation. The camp is full of challenging moments and lots of fun!

[ECF Exploring WILD Lantau] Lantau Intergeneration Eco-Classroom

Elderlies and tertiary students were trained to become an eco-tutor through this eco-classroom. With diverse outdoor learning activities, participants could easily master the identification skills of wildlife in different themes. They also implemented environmental education activities that designed by themselves with assistance of professionals. Different from general way of grouping people with same age, intergeneration collaboration and communication allowed participants to learn from each other with a very different background and a new spark was seen.